What I’m eating this week (late January edition)

My parents came to visit this past weekend and took me out to dinner as a (late) graduation present. We ate at my favorite French restaurant, Baru 66, and we enjoyed a great evening of food and wine. My mother ordered off the menu, but the rest of us enjoyed a special six course tasting menu. The highlight of the evening was either the foie gra wrapped in La Quercia prosciutto, the sesame-crusted tuna or the carrot puree served with our least favorite course, the elk. We did all agree that it was the best elk we’d ever had, but having eaten it previously we would probably never choose it purposefully again. And this from people who like venison.

Sunday I made lamb rag├╣ and brown butter cake with dark chocolate mousse filling and chocolate buttercream frosting. The article notes that the cake is best eaten the day it’s made and while the leftovers were good the next day the cake was definitely drier. This isn’t much a surprise since butter cakes don’t keep as well as oil cakes.

This week I’ve mostly been eating a rotation of soups that I’m pulling out of my freezer, but I’ll get into some more cooking later in February.


  1. Looks so yummy. I am thinking it would be a good thing to bake in August.

  2. Um…we need to live near each other again, because I can guarantee you that there would not be cake left to eat the second day had you made this for me :) Miss ya!


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